About Palmview Forest

Undulating land and green belts

Palmview Forest is a series of distinct ridges that are divided by lush green-belts. While the development itself is large, each neighbourhood is segmented and presented as small pockets which set a personal and private tone. Each small neighbourhood has its own unique feel to it. You will feel that your neighbourhood only consists of a handful of people you’ll get to know rather than a large group of strangers.

There really is a wide selection of lifestyle choices available at Palmview Forest so it is important to register now and get in early to make sure you get exactly what you want.

The environment

Your closest neighbours are the wide variety of fauna found on the site. From the rare Richmond Birdwing butterfly to possums and bandicoots or the kingfishers that are the image chosen for Palmview Forest, there will be no shortage of native friends.

Palmview Forest is designed and constructed to help protect the native fauna as much as possible. While trees on blocks have been removed, the natural habitat has been carefully managed to ensure the green-belts and surrounds provide a good living space for the ‘critters’. Rope bridges and tunnels will provide connectivity for them between green-belts.

At Palmview Forest we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and all aspects of habitat management have taken a front seat role with regards the planning of the estate. We hope that this approach is fostered by all who buy at Palmview Forest and that everyone gets to share in the excitement and interest in living closely with nature.